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Products That Brian Tracy Recommends

  • The Complete Winning The Game of Money Coaching & Brain Retraining System

    From Author, Speaker, Business Owner,John Assaraf

    Automatically retrain your brain to have the beliefs, habits, confidence, perceptions and behaviors of a multimillionaire.

    • Quickly break free from the shackles of self-doubt, fear, procrastination and lack of confidence that restrict you from achieving greater financial success and freedom
    • Effortlessly overcome any limits holding you back from realizing your hopes and dreams
    • Gain unshakeable confidence in your abilities and in yourself, so you can achieve greater financial success and freedom
    Get Instant Access to the Program Today

    什么Brian Thinks

    John Assarafis a spiritual entrepreneur, philanthropist and teacher with an insatiable passion for brain research, quantum physics and helping others achieve unbreakable success. Through his own personal experience - and from the experience of successfully coaching countless others - he's discovered that financial success is actually wired within your brain. He has proven it's possible to retrain your brain to quickly take charge of your money story that drives all your financial decisions and results. If you feel stuck tying to make more money in your life, or simply want to reach a higher level of success, then I recommend you check out John's comprehensive wealth-training course... and get ready for a future of wealth and happiness.

  • Train The Trainer Online

    WithJack Canfield, Award Winning Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, and Leader in Personal Development

    Jack's online training program will allow you to:

    • Become a certified transformational trainer
    • Transform the lives of your students, employees, clients -- groups of any type or size, in any training setting imaginable
    • And use Jack's proven, step-by-step, experiential teaching process on yourself and others

    Not only will this powerful program fulfill your desire to help others deal with any challenge and get more from their lives, but you'll also create amazing positive changes in your own life, career, and income levels as well.

    Begin Your Transformational Journey Today

    什么Brian Thinks

    Jack Canfieldis a true leader in the personal development field. Now, he's offering you the chance to become one of his certified trainers, so you can transform yourself and others from the inside out. Plus, you can get certified from the comfort of your own home with his new Train the Trainer Online certification course. His students have already experienced breakthrough results with this program - both in their own lives and in the lives of the students they teach... plus, they're getting paid for it along the way!

  • 3-Day Transformational Investing Workshop

    With 2x Best-Selling Author and hedge fund manager,Phil Town

    Are you tired of:

    • Paying "experts" in the financial industry high fees for mediocre returns?
    • Being afraid you don't have the knowledge or time to learn to invest on your own?

    Join Phil for a 100% free 3-day workshop where you will discover his Rule 1 Strategy, and begin to take control of your money and make 15% returns in just 15 minutes a week with a low-risk, high-yield Warren Buffet-style investing approach.

    Apply for the Rule 1 Investing Workshop Now

    什么Brian Thinks

    Phil Towngave me what no other investor has ever before: the confidence to take control of my own money. He educated me on some of the biggest myths perpetuated by the financial services industry and showed me a simple step-by-step formula so I feel confident investing on my own, and get greater returns than I would investing in a mutual fund.

  • Ultimate Success Masterclass 2.0

    Hosted byNatalie Ledwellfrom Mind Movies, and her co-host Mary Morrissey

    When you join the Ultimate Success Masterclass 2.0, you'll quickly learn:

    • 什么your self-limiting beliefs are
    • Where they come from
    • How they take root in your mind and life - without you even realizing it

    Then, you'll discover exactly how to rapidly dissolve them to improve your income, business, relationships, health, overall happiness, and more. Plus, you'll discover quick and easy ways to make your life more enjoyable, more prosperous, and more joyous!

    注册The Masterclass

    什么Brian Thinks

    Personal growth guru and Law of Attraction expert,Natalie Ledwell, has taught thousands how to tap into the power of their mind to dissolve any limiting beliefs holding them back from success and prosperity. When you follow her timeless and proven strategies, you'll quickly learn how to re-program your mind to overcome limitations, and solidify the successful beliefs you need to start living the life you've always dreamed of... and, you'll have fun doing it! "

  • 百万美元的商业秘密

    From Author, Speaker, and Business Expert,T. Harv Eker

    Many business owners attempt to create a profitable business, but end up with nothing more than a self-created job. Did you know that it can take up to 3 years or more to generate profit in a new business, and even longer to get wealthy?

    It's time to discover how to:

    • STOP working that hard for that long
    • STOP taking that much risk
    • And STOP losing money in the process

    That's the opposite of creating wealth. With Harv's time-proven wealth secrets you'll be able to create more wealth, faster, and with less strain... in any business you choose.

    Learn more About Million Dollar Business Secrets

    什么Brian Thinks

    T. Harv Ekeris one of the best success experts I know. He's taught over 2 million students worldwide. Plus, he's changed countless lives by teaching others the principles and strategies that put them in a position to create lifelong wealth and abundance.

  • 催眠训练营

    催眠训练营is an innovative way to connect with your subconscious mind. It allows you to free yourself from convention, from being limited based on the outcomes of your past experiences, and to experience the world and yourself in it in new and powerful ways.


    • Boost your confidence
    • Increase your brain power
    • Increase your money-making potential
    • And take you to places you never believed you could go (much like that feeling you have when you’re reading a great book).
    Experience Hypnosis Today

    什么Brian Thinks

    If you've ever found yourself lost in a book, then you've experience a trance state. This is exactly what happens during hypnosis. In this state, you are highly suggestible where you’re able to believe, enact, and go for things that your conscious, logical mind might have kept you from believing you could do. By short-circuiting long held self-beliefs and deep-seated behavioral patterns, Hypnosis Bootcamp can often deliver real-world results that simply cannot be achieved in any other way.

  • Goals Wizard

    Get more out of life... starting today

    Goals Wizard is my powerful success coaching iOS app that will help you discover, plan, and achieve your most important personal and professional goals. It comes with a guided step-by-step goal setting process and a unique set of effective tools to boost your productivity, and help you accomplish your most significant goals and dreams.

    • Set meaningful, life-changing goals
    • Develop your personal life plan
    • Create new habits & weekly routines
    • Take action and make daily progress
    • Gain more clarity, direction and sense of fulfillment
    • Achieve your specific goals and finally enjoy your desired lifestyle

    This powerful and effective self-development and online coaching program is your surefire way to not only discover what you really want out of life, but to help you every step of the way until you get there. You'll never again feel "stuck" or unsure of what steps to take during your personal journey to success. And, you'll enjoy this journey every single step of the way!

    Download The App Today

    什么Brian Thinks

    This powerful and effective self-development and online coaching program isyour surefire wayto not only discover what you really want out of life, but to help you every step of the way until you get there. You'll never again feel "stuck" or unsure of what steps to take during your personal journey to success. And, you'll enjoy this journey every single step of the way!

  • Raikov Effect

    From Karl Moore at Inspire3

    The Raikov Effect will teach you how to tap into the power of your mind by using simple brain hacks that give you access to your creative potential.

    • Tap into the skills and abilities of a person who is incredibly good at what they do.
    • Gain more confidence
    • Attract wealth and abundance
    • Live a happier life!
    Learn How to Enhance Your OWN Brain Power.

    什么Brian Thinks

    My friends over at Inspire3 are very innovative with their programs, and are experts at tapping into the mind. Their newest product, called "The Raikov Effect," has helped transform the way people think by maximizing the creative potential we all have inside of us. Inspire3's method amplifies the Law of Attraction to focus on your creativity and intelligence by tapping into the energy of someone else who has achieved their goals. Have you ever wondered what thought processes Da Vinci used to become the world's most renowned artist? No need to wonder anymore. I'll let the Raikov Effect do the explaining.

  • Digital Product Blueprint

    WithEben Pagan, Multi-million-dollar Entrepreneur and Internet Marketing Expert

    In Eben's Digital Product Blueprint system, you'll discover all the tried, tested, and proven ways to:

    • Organize all your ideas
    • Create a digital product
    • And have a massively successful online launch that will continue to rake in profits for you... even while you sleep
    Enroll in The Free Online Class Today

    什么Brian Thinks

    Eben Pagan网络营销最大的一个名字today. He's built multiple 7+ figure online business, and now he's teaching others how to be successful doing the same thing. He's known for his down to earth, methodical, and professional style... as well as his impeccable track record of online success.

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